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GOAL High School capitalizes on technology for education and engagement.

PUEBLO, CO. DATE—-September 20, 2023 –  From educational podcasts with Microsoft, to riding the nationwide wave that is Esports, GOAL High School continues to make strides in creative implementation of technology in education. Last year GOAL held the honor of being the “Biggest Impact School for the Americas.” This year, Microsoft not only renewed GOAL’s status, but also approved Chief Information Officer, Jamie Trujillo for another year serving on the Showcase School Global Advisory Board! Now in forty locations across Colorado, is in its fourth year of its Esports program. Coaches Scott Elliot, Central Region Principal and J.C. Spencer, Colorado Springs teacher are beyond impressed and excited as the program grows by leaps and bounds. This Friday, GOAL will host


Support at the executive level is strongly in place, with C.I.O. Trujillo and Chief Executive Officer, Constance Jones backing the program 100%.  These leaders, not just of GOAL, but of the technological metamorphosis in education worldwide, joined Microsoft last year in broadcasting podcasts on the “how to” of utilizing technology in education.


Trujillo, Jones, and the coaches are more than willing to take on the “just playing games” claims when taking a closer look at the increase in school engagement statewide. According to Coach Spencer, there were over 300 students signed up for the High School Esports League last year.  This intramural and inter-scholastic aspect of gaming has caused completely disengaged high-schoolers to “come out of the woodwork – and the basement” to re-engage with classmates, academic coaches, teachers, and … their education… but that’s not all…


Beyond the club and intramural level, students can compete interscholastically. In fact, GOAL handily dismantled all other teams in the state in the High School Gaming League in 2019 and blazed their way into the national championship, finally meeting their match in a school from Florida and enjoying runner-up honors.


The addition of several games including  , League of Legends, and Rainbow Siege has added to the number of interested students.  Coach Spencer points out that “students have to engage with each other in meaningful collaboration to move forward successfully in accomplishing a common goal.” Victory — whether in the gaming world or the real world strongly lends itself to GOAL’s mission – to develop productive members of society. By engaging the affective portion of the brain, that which students LOVE, the cognitive functions come alive! By proxy, students become successful in their academic endeavors!


Coaches Elliot and Spencer concur that the benefits of the program are far-reaching. Spencer mentions the ability to reconnect with “hard to reach students,” while Principal Elliot reflects on the reduction of “at risk factors” amongst students who become actively engaged. He cites one specific example of a completely disconnected freshman student who was “taken under the wings of senior students” as he participated with them on their eSports Team, allowing him to “come out of his shell” and to flourish academically.


Students are seeing the big picture as well. One of the State Champions shared, “Esports helps us work on things that are really important, like team-building and problem-solving.” Another teammate chimed in, “I wish we could have done this a long time ago” as it has “given [him] the push needed to do better academically.” Modern educators are beginning to agree that students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care… about what they care about!”

GOAL student engaged in esports on computer.
Esports involvement leads to an increase in academic engagement.

Enrollment is under way for the 23-24 School Year. GOAL High School welcomes ALL students and families!  For more information, to enroll, or to explore careers at GOAL, go to goalac.org or call            1-877-PRO-GOAL    1-877-776-4625.

GOAL Academy High School is a statewide, multi-district charter school authorized by District 49.  GOAL is a Microsoft Showcase School and provides online curriculum with in-person support at 40 student drop-in centers across Colorado.  Students can take college courses for free, earn career and technical certifications and receive excellent social and emotional support.  GOAL strives to help all students achieve their full potential in a caring, supportive and personalized environment. In turn, students become productive members of society.      Administration:  304 South Victoria in Pueblo, Co.           (877)776-4625 or goalac.org                    More information or media inquiries?  Click  GOAL’S “Press Box” Contact: Gunnison Pagnotta, Senior Communications Manager  (719)744-3090     gm.pagnotta@goalac.org

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